Public Art in Bridgetown

Lying near the banks of the mighty Blackwood River, Bridgetown is located 267kms from Perth in the south-west of Western Australia in the heart of the timber country.The area was first explored by Thomas Turner in 1834 who was exploring the Blackwood River upstream from Augusta to Arthur River. The name of the town was suggested by the settlers of the area, in honour of the ship, "Bridgetown", which was the first ship to carry wool from the district. Not really noted for its public art, Bridgetown was once a successful apple producing district the area before expanding into the timber, tantalum & lithium mining, dairy, cattle and fruit industries.

Bridgetown and its Public Art

Public Art in Bridgetown, Western Australia  Spanish Settlers plaque, Bridgetown, public art

  From Life to Life sculpture       Bridgetown Bridge plaque     Spanish Settlers plaque

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