Public Art in Cressy

Cressy is a small town located 35km south-west of Launceston in Tasmania, Australia. Cressy, known as the "trout capital of Tasmania", has taken their claim to heart. With a population a little under 650 Cressy has trout themed public art where ever you look, even the street signs. Rumours that the Big Trout was created by Barry Cooda have been greatly exaggerated.

                       Welcome to Cressy, Tasmania

 Welcome sign, Cressy, Tasmania  Trout Street sign, Cressy, Tasmania 

          Welcome to Cressy                       Trout Street Sign

 Large Trout, Cressy, Tasmania  Large Trout Bait, Cressy, Tasmania

                Big Trout                                and Big Bait

       Man on light post, Cressy, Tasmania              Hook on light post, Cressy, Tasmania

           Man on Light Post                      Fish Hook on Light Post

       Fish on Light post, Cressy, Tasmania              Dog eating Fish on light post, Cressy, Tasmania

           Fish on Light Post                     Dog Eating Fish Light Post

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