Public Art in Denver

In 1988, Denver established a Public Art Program as an Executive Order, under Mayor Federico Pena. Federico must have been a great supporter of the Arts, as his order meant that 1% of any capital improvement project over $1 million (undertaken by the City) be set aside for the inclusion of art in the design and construction of these projects.
Nice one Federico. Today, the City of Denver has over 150 works of art directly attributed to the project. The Public Art program is run by the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs, and is overseen by the Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs.

Art a mile high, Denver, Colorado

Closing Era statue, Public art in Denver, in the grounds of the State Capitol building, Denver Colorado, USA  Civil War Monument, Civic Centre Park, Denver, Colorado  City Hall Bell, Civic Center Park, Denver, Colorado,

  Closing Era Statue          Civil War Monument      Liberty Bell Replica 

 Colorado Veterans Monument, Civil Centre Park, Denver, Colorado  Joe P Martinez memorial, Civic Center Park, Denver Colorado  Ten Commandment Monument, Civic Centre Park, Denver, Colorado

Colorado Veterans Monument   Joe P. Martinez Memorial  Ten Commandments

 Sadie M Likens memorial, Denver, Colorado  Broncho Buster Statue, Civic Center Park, Denver, Colorado  On the war trail statue, Civic Park, Denver, Colorado

  Sadie M. Likens Memorial   Broncho Buster Statue      On the War Trail Sculpture

 Vorhees Memorial, Seal Pond, Civic Centre Park, Denver, Colorado  Pioneer Monument Fountain, Denver, Colorado  Kenneth Mackenzie Macintosh statue, Macintosh Park Plaza, Denver, Colorado

   Seal Pond                Pioneer Monument   Fountain    Kenneth Macintosh statue

  Untitled by Robert Mangold, Denver, Colorado  Plumb Bob in Janus Head, Denver Colorado

                    Untitled                         Plumb Bob in Janus Head

 Mural by Ortega, Denver, Colorado  Mural of guitar playing cowboy, Denver, Colorado

           Tony Ortego Mural                  Guitar Playing Cowboy Mural


  'Denver, Moo Means the World to Us'                      unknown

 Mile Hi Sertoma Club Plaque, Denver, Colorado 

  Mile-Hi Sertoma Club Plaque                           unknown

 National Western Statue, Denver, Colorado  Feels so good statue, Writers Square, Denver, Colorado  Enduring Navajo sculpture, knox galleries, writers square, Denver, Colorado

  National Western Statue           'Feels So Good'           Enduring Navajo Sculpture

 Gossip Sculpture, Writers square, Denver, Colorado  Richard Pinhorn Memorial, Kettle Arcade, Denver, Colorado  Town Hall Bell, Denver, Colorado

     Gossip Sculpture        Richard Pinhorn Memorial           Denver Bell

  The Prospector statue, Denver, Colorado  Dancer sculpture, Denver, Colorado

  Old Prospector Statue             The Dancers

Unknown Mural

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