Public Art in East Perth

Following the redevelopment of East Perth in the 1990's, a Public Arts program was organised to help lift the rather tired and neglected inner city area. Initiated by the West Australian Government, a small percentage of money was allocated to the creation of Public Art. The sculptures and street furniture, which can now be discovered throughout the Claisebrook Village, were created from local materials, found or unearthed from the redevelopment sites or salvaged from the old warehouses that once operated in the area. In 1999 the area won a Civic Design Award for its public art program.

Public Art of East Perth

  Red Sculpture, East Perth, Western Australia  Standing Figure, East Perth, Western Australia

          Peter Pan            Red Surveyor Sculpture       Standing Figure

Marker Seats, East Perth, Claisebrook Clove, Western Australia  

       Marker Seats          Sculptured Seats      Diver and Guard Dogs

  Impossible Triangle Sculpture, East Perth, Western Australia  Sea Queen Sculpture, East Perth, Claisebrook Cove, Western Australia

    Impossible Triangle Sculpture                Sea Queen

    Public Art in East Perth, Concrete Poem sculpture, Western Australia

        Shoreline Marker Posts             The Spiral sculpture

Regeneration, mural, East Perth, Public Art Totem Granites, East Perth, Public Art

         Regeneration mural                            Totem Granites

Illa Kuri, Sacred Dreaming Path, East Perth, Public Art Steel Magnolias, sculptures, East Perth, Public Art

 Illa Kuri - Sacred Dreaming Path         Steel Magnolias Sculptures

Trafalgar Road Culvert, East Perth, Public Art Greg Almighty, iron ore, public art

      Trafalgar Road Culvert                  Greg Almighty Iron Ore


  Unknown                              Unknown

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