Public Art in England

Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain, Eros Statue, public artEngland is a country within the United Kingdom. It was named after the Angles, a Germanic tribe who originated in the peninsula of Angeln (now Denmark and northern Germany). Steeped in history England is famous for its battles, the Beatles, Robin Hood, William Shakespeare, the Royal Family and Stonehenge, just to name a few. During the 18th and 19th centuries (and especially the Victorian era) enormous sums of money were spent by British patrons on public art commissions.


Public Art In London : Featuring - Cleopatra's Needle, Knife Edge – Two Piece sculpture, Field Marshal Alanbrooke statue, Francis Duke of Bedford statue, Full Stop Courier sculpture, Full Stop Klang sculpture, Gratuitous Digital Thingy, Lambeth Bridge Obelisks, Monument to the Women of World War II, Nelson's Column, Oliver Cromwell statue, Queen Victoria Memorial, Robert Burns Statue, Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain , Sphinx sculpture, Still Water sculpture, Trafalgar Sqaure Fountains, Wellington Arch Quadriga, Winston Churchill statue,


Public Art in Bedford : featuring ; The Meeting sculpture,


Public art in Great Yarmouth - featuring; Britannia Monument,

Public art in Norwich : featuring; Norwich War Memorial, Norwich Boer War Memorial, Edith Cavell Memorial,


Public Art In City of Canterbury : featuring; Canterbury War Memorial,

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