Public Art in Evandale

The town of Evandale is located 20kms south of Lauceston in Tasmania and is a National Trust classified Georgian village. The town was orginally established in 1811 as a military post and went under numerous names including Collins Hill, Patersons Plains, Gordon Plains, Morven and Evansdale before finally being officially declared Evandale in 1836 in honor of the first Surveyor-General in Tasmania, George William Evans. Some of Evandale's most famous residents include John Batman (founder of Melbourne), Lt Col Harry Murray (most highly decorated allied soldier in WWI), John Kelly (father of infamous bushranger Ned Kelly) and early Australian landscape artist John Glover (who technically lived nearby at Deddington). Evandale is also famous for the annual National Penny Farthing Championships.

Public Art in Evandale

Harry Murray Memorial, public art, Evandale, Tasmania John Glover statue, Evandale, public art Time Traveller sculpture, public art, Evandale

 Harry Murray Memorial        John Glover statue         Time Traveller sculpture

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