Public Art in Hillarys

Hillarys is a northern coastal suburb of Perth named after an early settler Bertram John Hillary (1895-1957). During the Great Depression, Bertram and his brother built a little boatshed on the beach to fish. He soon expanded the shack to include his wife and four kids. For many years the Hillarys were the only ones living in the area. During World War II the Australian Army moved into the area and named it Hillarys Beach on their maps. Bertram died in 1957. Sadly his original shack was destroyed in a fierce storm in 1964. In 1987, thanks to the America's Cup at Fremantle, the State Government commissioned the building of Hillarys Boat Harbour, one of Perth's most popular tourist precinct.


Public Art In Hillarys 

Rotary Dolphin Community Wishing Well, Hillarys, Western Australia Wind Rose sculpture, Hillarys, Western Australia, public art

Rotary Dolphin Wishing Well               Wind Rose sculpture

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