Public Art in Mundaring

Mundaring is located 32 km east of Perth on the Great Eastern Highway, high on the Darling escarpment.The first European to explore the area was nineteen year old Lieutenant Dale in 1829.  The name "Mundaring" (Mundahring) came form an Aboriginal camp located in the area and it means " a high place on a high place". Among its attractions is Mundaring Community Sculpture Park which displays an unusual mix of public art by local artists.

Statues, sculptures and public art of Mundaring

Tourists in Mundaring, Mundaring, Western Australia   

      Tourists in Mundaring Sculpture                 Mainstream Sculpture

Goodbye Cruel World. I'm off to join the Circus, but I missed the last Train, Mundaring, Western Australia  

Goodbye Cruel World...      Moon-dae Ring sculpture



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