Public Art in Victoria Park

Victoria Park is an inner south eastern suburb of Perth, Western Australia, located over the Causeway from the city. The suburb derives its name from "Victoria Park Estate", a development that took place there in the 1890s.

A small percentage from Victoria Park rates goes into a Community Art Reserve from which all public art projects are funded. Private dveloper with projects over $5 million are also responsible for providing public art in the development equal to 1% of project costs. Decisions are guided by the Arts and Culture Committee.  In December 2010 the Town suspended its Public Art Master Plan, to support the delivery of 12 new recently installed public art commissions selected by the Arts and Culture Advisory Committee.


Public Art in Victoria Park

 Penny and Pounder sculpture, Greg James, public art After the Rain Sculpture , Shaibu Kanyemba, public art

Penny and Pounder sculpture  After the Rain sculpture

 The Real Seat sculpture, Victoria Park, Public Art

 The Real Seat sculpture

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