Public Art of Hyde Park Sydney

Hyde Park, in Sydney, is located on the eastern side of the city's central business district. On October 13, 1810, Governor Macquarie dedicated the area for the ‘recreation and amusement of the inhabitants of the town and a field of exercises for the troops’ and gave it the name Hyde Park, in honor of London's Hyde Park. Originally the park was used as racecourse and sporting grounds but today contains well-kept gardens , over 580 trees, numerous public artworks and an enormous outdoor chess board (with pieces). The park is pock marked with sewer lids, many of which lead to Busby's Bore, Sydney's second water supply (following problems with the Tank Stream). Wandering through the gardens you will be surprised at the diversity of its public art.

Public Art of Hyde Park

  Public Art of Hyde Park, Archibald Fountain, Sydney  Public Art of Hyde Park Sydney, Labours and Beauty of Pioneering Mankind  Public Art of Hyde Park Sydney, Frederick Joseph Walker Fountain, Australia

    Archibald Fountain       Labours and Beauty    Frederick J Walker Fountain

  Public Art of Hyde Park, William Bede Dalley Statue, Sydney, Australia  Public Art of Hyde Park Sydney, Captain Cook Statue Sydney, Australia  Thornton Obelisk, Hyde Park, Sydney

     William B Dalley Statue        Captain Cook Statue              Thornton Obelisk

  Public art of hyde park sydney, oddfellows memorial, Australia 

     Oddfellows Memorial               ANZAC Memorial

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