Regeneration Mural

Regeneration mural, East Perth, Public Art

Public Art : Regneration Mural

Artist : © Joanna Lefroy Capelle

Unveiled : The Regeneration mural was unveiled in 1996.

Description: Painted in acrylic and resin on etched cement render, the 20m by 5m mural traces back, through a series of images, some of the significant events in East Perth's history, including the early Aboriginal inhabitants, the troubling times of early colonization, the growth of industry, a phase of dormancy and finally urban renewal, leading to regeneration and harmony.

Location: The mural can be found in a recessed limestone colonnade at Claisebrook Cove, Victoria Gardens, East Perth, Western Australia.

Inscription :

The Narrative panels trace the evolution of this area from its origins in the Bibbullmun nation to the arrival of the Europeans, industrial and horticultural growth, the phase of dormancy and finally enewal as a place of community and harmony for the human spirit.

Artist: Joanna Lefroy Capelle
East Perth Redevelopment Authority 1996



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