Renjo Shimo-oka Memorial

Renjo Shimooka Memorial, public art, Yokohama

Public Art: Renjo Shimo-oka Memorial

Sculptor: © Mitsuaki Tanabe

Description: The bronze sculpture of a box camera balanced atop a oval type plinth is dedicated to Renjo Shimo-oka (1823-1914), the first Japanese photographer.

Date Unveiled: 1987

Location: The Renjo Shimo-oka Memorial is located outside the Bashamichi Square Building, Yokohama, Japan.


"In Memory of Renjo Shimo-oka, Founder of Photography in Japan"

Things You May Not Know About Renjo Shimo-Oka:

Shimo-oka is famous for photographing the fire which broke out on SS America while docked in Yokohama harbor.

He is also the founder of lithography in Japan.

Shimo-oka learned the art of photography from Dutchman Henry C.J. Heusken, who was an interpreter for the first U.S. Ambassador to Japan.


Japanese Sculptor Mitsuaki Tanabe is well known for creating wild rice seed sculptures. On April 1, 2008 his 9metre, 250kg  "A Seed of Wild Rice MOMI-2008," sculpture was installed by the Global Crop Diversity Trust at its headquarters in the U.N.'s Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) building in Rome.


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