Ronald Campbell Gunn statue

Ronald Campbell Gunn statue, Peter Corlett, public art

Public Art: Ronald Campbell Gunn statue

Sculptor: © Peter Corlett

Description: A bronze statue of South African born Australian botanist and politician  Ronald Campbell Gunn (4th of April 1808-13th March 1881).

Date Unveiled: 4th of July, 2006

Location: Ronald Campbell Gunn statue can be found in Launceston's City Park, Tasmania.

Facts about Ronald Campbell Gunn:

In 1826 Gunn became a clerk with the royal Engineers on Antigua and subsequently married.

In February, 1830, he arrived in Hobart on the Greenock and became assistant superintendent of convicts at Hobart then Launceston.

Gunn became a plant collector for Professor William Jackson Hooker of Glasgow University and a collector of birds, mammals, reptiles and mollusca for the British Museum.

In 1842 he wrote Observations on the Flora of Geelong.

Sir William Jackson Hooker dedicated his book Flora Tasmaniae to Gunn.

Gunn is commemorated by the genus Gunnia (an orchid).

He was once the coroner of Launceston.

Ronald Campbell Gunn statue, public art , Peter Corlett

Ronald Campbell Gunn statue, Launceston, public art

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