Sacred Bronze Elephant statues

Sacred Bronze Elephant statues, Grand Palace, Bangkok 

Public Art : Sacred Bronze Elephant statues

Scultpor: unknown

Description: There are several Sacred Bronze Elephant statues guarding Wat Phra Kaew (The most scared Buddhist temple in Thailand). Thai kings were renowned for going to battle atop elephants thus it is has become an important symbol of Thailand. The elephant is said to not only symbolize independence and power but represent the royal white elephants from the first five reigns of the Chakri dynasty.

Date unveiled: unknown

Location: The bronze elephants can be found around the Wat Phra Kaew,  Na Phralan, Phra Nakorn Old City, Bangkok, Thailand.

Trivia : It is customary for parents to walk their children around an elephant three times to bring them strength. You can rub the head of an elephant statue for good luck

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