Sphinx Sculpture

Sphinx Sculpture, Public Art, London

Public Art : Sphinx sculpture

Sculptor: Unknown

Description : These two cast bronze sphinxes guard the base of Cleopatra's Needle (obelisk) but have absolutely no contection with it. 

Date Unveiled: 1882

Location : The two Sphinxes can be found at the base of Cleopatra's Needle along the Thames, near Parliament, London, England.

Inscription :

netjer nefer men-kheper-re di ankh
(The good god, Thuthmosis III given life)

Trivia :

If you look closely around the base of the right hand Sphinx you will see shrapnel damage made by a bomb that exploded nearby during the bombing of London by German aeroplanes a few minutes before midnight on Tuesday 4th September 1917. It was the first piece of London public art to be hit by an air raid.

When the bronze sphinxes were installed they were suppose to appear guarding Cleopatra's Needle by facing away, but instead they were accidentally erected facing towards it.


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