St Paul's Anglican Church plaque

St paul's Anglican Church, Bunbury, public art

Public Art : St Paul's Anglican Church plaque

Designed by: Unknown

Description: The bronze plaque commemorates St Paul's an Anglican church built on the site in 1866. The plaque includes a relief of the church.

Date Unveiled: Unknown

Location: The bronze plaque commemorating St Paul's Anglican Church is located in St Paul's Place (Near the John Forrest Monument) on the corner of Victoria and Stephen Streets, Bunbury, Western Australia.


This plaque commemorates St. Paul's Anglican Church
built on this site in 1866

Background of St Paul's Anglican Church:

The St Paul's Anglican church was built in 1866.

Sir John Forrest attended the church and school before the pro-cathedral was built. The St paul's Anglican Pro- Cathedral was demolished in 1963.

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