Statue of Pomona

Statue of Pomona, Lund, Sweden, public art

Public Art : Statue of Pomona

Sculptor: © Nils Hjalmar Möllerberg (9th July, 1892- 4th July, 1954)

Description: A bronze sculpture of a naked Pomona carrying a bunch of fruit on her shoulder.

Date: 1940

Location: Pomona can be found in Stadsparken (City Park) in Lund, Sweden.

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Public Domain Photos for kindly allowing permission for the use of the photograph.

Background to Pomona : Pomona was a goddess of fruitful abundance in ancient Roman mythology. She is often depicted with a pruning knife in her right hand or a platter of fruit. She was also said to be a wood nymph and a part of the Numia, guardian spirits who watch over people, places, and homes.

She wasn't particularly fond of men and kept her orchard locked to keep them out.The Fauns, Satyrs, old Sylvanus, Pan and Vertumnus tried in vain to woo her. Vertumnus, who loved her above all others, would dress in various disguises just to gain access to her orchard to sneak a glimpse of her.

Eventually he dressed up as an old woman to get Pomona to talk to him. He took the opportunity to convince Pomona that a young man, by the name of  Vertumnus, was madly in love with her and would be mad if she didn't return his affection. After telling her the sad tale of Iphis and Anaxarete, Pomona agreed that she must share her heart to grow and blossom, like her fruit trees. On hearing these words Vertumnus removed his disguise and Pomona instantly fell in love with him.

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