Statue of Youth

Statue of Youth, Milos Zet, Prague, Czech Republic

Public Art: Statue of Youth

Also Known As : Mladi, "The boy with the golden penis"

Sculptor: © Milos Zet (1st October,1920-1995)

Description: The statue of Youth is a life size bronze statue of a naked gangly young man. He is famous/infamous for his shiny golden appendage thanks to all the (mostly) women who have rubbed it for good luck.

Date Unveiled: 1962

Location: The statue of Youth is located on the lower part of Jirska Street, next to a toy shop and Burgrave's House, near Prague Castle, Czech Republic.

Urban Myth: The reason why the penis on the statue is gold is because some believe that by rubbing the statue's penis it will bring you good luck in becoming pregnant. Must be a lot of lucky people!!!

A running joke amongst the locals is the reason it is shiny is because " All the Russian and Polish women have to touch it."

Acknowledgements: A special thank you to Silvie Bee for kindly providing the photographs.

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