Steam Sculpture

Steam Sculpture, Brisbane, Australia

Public Art : Steam

Nicknames: Beryllium Spheres

Sculptor : © Donna Marcus

Date Unveiled : October, 2006

Description : Inspired by 1940s architect, Buckminster Fuller, the Steam sculpture, consists of 15 steel geodesic ("straight line" to "curved spaces") spheres, made from 7,000 steamers and 780 plates bolted together. Yes, that's right, the spheres are made from vegetable steamers. Donna Marcus is renowned for making sculptures from discarded aluminium kitchenware and transforming them into something completely new in context. At night these spheres light up. 

Location : Brisbane Square, Queensland, Australia

History of the Steam sculpture : In 2006 three Brisbane artists put in submissions to have their work exhibited in Brisbane Square. Donna chose Steam which was based on another one of her works called, Fall (yes, steamers were also involved, but no vegetable was hurt in the making ). The concept for Steam was inspired by the idea of "random disbursement". Cheras was responsible for the fabricating of the 7,000 steamers (how does one find so many ?), Queensland Spinners pressed the 480 plates, Everything Metal bolted the plates and welded the steamers and (thanks to Tony) Modern Engineering machine drilled the 724,000 or so holes.

Well I Never : If you have ever wondered about the unusual layout of these spheres, wonder no more. Donna, true to her form, made a scaled down version of the steamer spheres and literally threw them across the Brisbane Square and where ever they landed was the location they were to be placed (random disbursement alright).



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