Stele, HMAS Sydney Memorial, Geraldton, Western Australia

Public Art : Stele

Sculptors : © Charlie Smith and Joan Walsh - Smith.

Date : 5th of December 2001

Description : A 19m high, 10 tonne sandblasted stainless steel stele depicting the prow (forward part of a ship) of the HMAS Sydney. The foundation for the Stele (hidden under the paved area) weighs 52 tonnes. Even though the HMAS Sydney's keel was painted black (above sea level) the sculptors chose to keep it grey to depict a "dead" ship.

Location : HMAS Sydney Memorial, Mount Scott Park, Corner George Road & Brede Street, Geraldton, Western Australia.

History of the Stele : A stele is an inscribed upright stone used as a grave marker. The HMAS Sydney Stele is symbolic of a grave marker and was designed by Western Australian sculptors, Joan Walsh Smith and Charles Smith. The sculpture was built in Geraldton by JG Engineering before being hauled into place by a 120 tonne crane. The Stele faces out towards the Indian Ocean where the HMAS Sydney disappeared, after coming under enemy attack, in 1941.

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