Stop-Talking Rubbish Bin sculpture

Stop - Talking rubbish Bin sculpture, Ross Byers, public art

Public Art: Stop-Talking Rubbish Bin sculpture

Sculptors: © Ross Byers and Paul Atling

Creative Producer : Kim Schneiders

Description: A 6m high solar powered rubbish bin that will sprout some "stop" words of wisdom the moment you place a piece of litter in it.

Date Unveiled: 2010

Location: The talking bin can be found outside the Access Arts Link studio at the Inveresk Railway yards, Launceston, Tasmania.


Stop - Talking Rubbish Bin

Artists : Ross Byers, Paul Alting
Creative Producer: Kim Schneiders

A quirky interactive 6 metre high bin designed by Ross Byers, influenced by Dr Seuss, and made by the Student Workshop with the support of many! Utilizing solar panel and state of the art audio technology by Paul Alting the stop comments are triggered when rubbish is deposited - responding to what STOP means to different individuals.

Funding: Interweave Arts, Tasmanian Community Fund, Australia Council for the Arts, James Newton, WD Booth.

Supported by: Engineered Business Systems Pty Ltd, QVMAG. Launceston Student Workshop, Boral.

Streets Alive- Art Traces In Our Public Space - 24 to 30 August 2010
The Streets Alive Arts Trail highlights artwork that has been made by local artists to engage and stimulate commnity participation in our public spaces. From Inveresk to the city centre, on the streets, in the parks and laneways this trail includes permanent sculptures, knit graffiti, installations, large scale digital images, umbrellas, Braille graffiti, laughter, performance art and more.


Stop - Talking Rubbish Bin, public art, Launceston

Stop- Talking Rubbish bin, Ross Byers, Tasmania

Stop - Talking Rubbish Bin, Ross Byers, Access Arts Link studio

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