Swan Dial 71

 Sundial 71, Dianella, Perth, public art

Public Art : Swan Dial 71

Sculptors: © Elwyn Hawthorn and Dr Guy Hamilton

Description: In 1971 this 20ft swan shaped sculpture, whichs "claimed" to be the world's biggest sundial, was erected as part of the then new Dianella Plaza Shopping centre. Today, sadly it is barely noticed. The bur from neck to tall feathers casts a shadow on the arc of the wings to give the time of day.

Date Unveiled: August, 1971

Location: The Swan Dial 71 is located outside the back entrance of the Dianella Shopping Centre in Dianella, Perth, Western Australia.

Swan Dial 71 History : The Swan Dial was the winning entry in a competition for a sculpture to grace the then new Dianella Plaza shopping centre in 1971. Elwyn Hawthorn and Dr Guy Hamilton won $1,500  as a first place prize.

Despite the plaque saying this was the "world's biggest sundial" I have strong doubts this was true. I suspect the one built in India at Jantar Mantar (Jaipur) in 1948 at 90 feet (27 m) was the largest at the time. The Swan Dial 71 was more likely the biggest sundial in the Southern Hemisphere.

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