The Phoenix statue

The Phoenix statue, Yrsa Von Leister, public art, Melbourne

Public Art : The Phoenix statue

Sculptor : © Baroness Yrsa Von Leister (July 18th, 1917 - April 12th, 2008)

Description : The Phoenix was sculpted from cast bronze and welded copper sheets to commemorate the 40th International Eucharistic Congress. The forlorn looking winged figure of the Phoenix, with head bowed, symbolises resurrection and everlasting life.

Date unveiled: 1973

Location: Queen Victoria Gardens, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Phoenix staue tidbits:

Von Leister sculpted the figure for the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Melbourne, following the 40th International Eucharistic Congress.

In 1976 the statue was gifted to the city of Melbourne by Archbishop Cardinal Knox.

Yrsa Von Leister flew to Melbourne to add the finishing touches to the sculpture prior to its unveiling.

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