The Princess Sculpture

Princess sculpture, Stockholm, Sweden, public art

Public Art : The Princess Sculpture

Sculptor: © Berndt Notke (1440-1509) copy. Moulded by Otto Meyer.

Description : The bronze Princess sculpture stands a little distance from the Bronze statue of St George Slaying the Dragon.  Both being copies of a wooden sculpture by  Berndt Notke that currently resides inside the Cathedral of St Nicholas. The sculpture is of the Princess, in bridal veil, watching on and praying that St George will save her and the town from the evil dragon. sits on a granite pedestal. The piece is compementery to the St George Slaying the Dragon and depicts the Princess waiting for St George to kill the dragon. The statue is said to symbolize Stockholm. The plinth is decorated with reliefs.

Date Unveiled : August, 1913.

Funding : Money for the sculpture was provided by Hjalmar Wicander (1860-1939)

Location : On Köpmanbrinken in Gamla Stan (the old Stockholm Town), Sweden.

The Princess sculpture, Stockholm, Sweden

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