The Story Teller sculpture

Storyteller sculpture, Burswood Park, Perth

Public Art : The Storyteller sculpture

Sculptors : © Joan Walsh-Smith and Charles Smith

Description : Over sized bronze statue of Dame Mary Durack, renowned chronicler of Australian History, conversing with her ' young self' as a child. In her hand is her book: The Swan River Saga

Date Unveiled : 1995

Location : Burswood Park, Burswood, Perth, Western Australia.


The Storyteller
Mary Durack

The subject matter and inspiration of this work is Dame Mary Durack, renowned chronicler of Australian history, engaged in dialogue with her 'young self' as a child.

As the adult figure she takes the role of an ancestor passing on the family history. The two Marys', child and adult, share a sense of purpose; their attention is riveted to each other and the volume they hold , "The Swan River Saga."

In this play and in her book "To Be Heirs Forever Dame Mary captured the essence of life in Perth in colonial days.

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