Thomas Joseph Byrnes statue

Thomas Joseph Byrnes statue, public art, Sir Bertram Mackennal

Public Art : Thomas Joseph Byrnes statue

Sculptor: © Sir Bertram Mackennal

Description: A bronze statue of Thomas Joseph Byrnes (11th November, 1860 – 27th September, 1898) a former Premier of Queensland. The statue stands on a sandstone pedestal. On the north and south faces of the pedestal feature carved wreaths.

Date Unveiled:

Funded by: Following the Queenslander's death, a Byrnes Memorial Fund was established and they raised £2,000 for the bronze statue to be erected.

Location: The Thomas Joseph Byrnes statue was originally erected in Petrie Bight at the junction of Boundary and Wickham Streets but then later transferred to Centenary Place, Brisbane, Australia.

If you look closely at the small plaque on the base of the statue there is a glaring mistake, the sculptor of the statue has been credited as 'Sir Bertram Macenell' when it was in fact it should be by renown sculptor 'Sir Bertram Mackennal'.

This statue would be Sir Bertram Mackennal's fiftieth sculpture.

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