Totem Granites

Totem Granites, East Perth, Public Art

Public Art : Totem Granites

Artist : Unknown

Description : Four granite stones representing the four different groups which make up the Aboriginal people of the Bibbullum Nation

Date Unveiled : Unknown

Location : The Totems can be found on the bank of the Swan River in Victoria Park, East Perth, Western Australia.The whole area along the riverbank at Victoria Gardens has now been renamed Ngango Batta's Mooditcher, which means 'Sunshine's Living Strength' a place of hope and strength for Aboriginal people.

Totem Granites, East Perth, Public Art

Inscription :

Totem Granites

These four granites represent the special
groupings of the Bibbullmun Nation which is
divided into two main sacred totemic entities.

The Manitch are the totem people of the
scared white cockatoo. The Wordung are
the totem people of the scared crow.

Each is bound by the marriage laws, universal
to the Bibummun nation. The law divided the
two main totemic group into four secondary
totemic skin groups named


Marriage can only take place between
people of opposite totem.

Example Tondarriik and Didarriik people are
of the white cockatoo totem and may marry
only into the crow totem, the Ballarruuk and
Naagarruuk and vice versa.



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