Trafalgar Road Culvert

Trafalgar Road Culvert, East Perth, Public Art

Public Art : Trafalgar Road Culvert

Artist : © Nola Farman

Writer : © Marcelle George

Description : This carefully crafted prose on a wall of brick and steel reminds us that no matter how hard we may cling to the past , inevitably progress will change the nature of the landscape.

Background : During the redevelopment of East Perth they tried to retain as many trees as possible. This tree however could not be moved due to it's roots having entwined themselves in the old box culvert which channeled the water under Trafalgar Road.

Date Unveiled : Unknown

Inscription :  

To lose this tree a worker said to me "as the live-out people lost the Star Hotel,

As winter flies cant sleep here in honky nuts" but the trap is sprung,

Down here by the water works-roots wrapped around the old box culvert

....Reclaiming land, you just add sand- quick sand, slow sand, clean fill, dirty fill,

soaked land salted water swamp to drain to inlet harbour

Traflagar Road Culvert, East Perth, Public Art

Trafalgar Road Culvert, East Perth, Public Art


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