Tuzla Pilot School monument

Tuzla Pilot School monument, public art, Tuzla

Public Art: Tuzla Pilot School monument

Architect/designer : unknown


Date Unveiled: The decommissioned plane from the Tuzla Pilot School was erected at the roundabout on April, 2011.


Quote: The Tuzla Mayor Constantin Micu descibed the moniment as  "Something beautiful, unique and reminds everyone, pedestrians and tourists, of the Tuzla pilot school, a school for paratroopers,".

Controversy: In March of 2012, the monument made news headlines when the off duty Eforie Chief Commissioner smashed into the roundabout and then fled the scene after he had allegedly been drinking . Witnesses said the driver was so intoxicated he could barely walk. However, statements made by police, who arrived after the incident, contradicted the witness's statements. At one stage another policemen admitted to being behind the wheel.  The Chief Commissioner's blood samples also mysteriously disappeared.

References: http://lideruldeopinie.ro/62405/comisarul-turmentat-ignora-procurorii

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Simon Akkerman and Doreena Nita for kindly providing the photos.

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