Untitled Sculpture

Untitled Sculpture, Vancouver

Public Art : Untitled Sculpture

Sculptor : © Volker Steigemann

Description : Large red cedar logs create a gate in which a large black rock from the artist's home on Cortes Island lies in it's centre. Local granite has also been used. The unnamed work was influenced by Japanese architecture.

Artist's Statement: Hand-hewn timbers are carved and joined into a cross-shaped floor with a gateway above.The sculpture is laid out to the points of the compass with the gateway aligned to directly receive the rays of the summer solstice sunset.The cross is supported by local granite foundation stones.The entire piece is anchored by the weight of the big erratic block set in the center. I built the entire piece using traditional joinery, without any fasteners.The work was installed with help from local community, contractors and art students.

Date : 1986

Location : Harbour Front Park, Vancouver, Canada.


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