Urban Storylines Transformed Into a Future Agenda

Urban Storylines Transformed, public art

Public Art : Urban Storylines Transformed Into a Future Agenda

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Description: 23 new street signs placed under the real street sign names at main intersections in the City of Vincent.

Date Unveiled:

Locations: The 23 street signs can be found at the major intersections of the 5 buroughs around the City of Vincent in Western Australia.

Background: Urban Storylines Transformed Into a Future Agenda is a project by the German project group Reinigungsgesellschaft (RG) and the City of Vincent in Perth, Western Australia to rename streets in the area.  RG, along with artists in residence, listened and collected information about the current social and economic developments in the area before transforming the ideas and themes into short narratives which were then place on street signs.

While the existing street signs represent names linked with the area's historical past including settler's names and geographical places overseas, the new street names represent current community vision and issues. The main topics that RG focused on during the public forums were migration, community needs, indigenous life, housing, traffic and ecology.

23 street signs were designed and currently appear under the real street names at main intersections in the City of Vincent.

List of New Street Names

Scarborough Beach Rd (Roads To Bicycle Lanes St)
Flinders St (Language Diversity St)
London St (Pioneers of Tomorrow St)
Charles St (Place For Communal Activities St)
Walcott St (Commuters' Petrol Bill St)
Fitzgerald St (Walkers' Priority St)
Angove ST (Indigenous Knowledge st)
Loftus St (Community Investors st)
Oxford St (Ambivalence of Density st)
Bourke St (Cross Generation Housing st)
Forrest St (Migration Into The Future st)
Vincent st (Lawns Into Gardens st)
Bulwer St (Affordable Housing Program St)
William St (Public Property st)
Beaufort St (Hidden Potential of Back Lanes st)
Carr St (Intelligent Ageing st)
Brisbane St (Missing Tooth st)
Stirling St (Precence of Absence st)
Cleaver St (Limits of Growth st)
Stuart St (Hydric Stress st)
Lord St ( Vacant Property Tax st)
Newcastle St (Independency From Cars st)
Parry St (Impacted By Suburbia st)

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