Waiting Woman Statue

Waiting Woman Statue, Geraldton, Western Australia

Public Art : Waiting Woman

Sculptors : © Joan Walsh Smith

Date Unveiled : 18th November 2001.

Description : Bronze statue of a middle aged woman looking out to sea, bracing herself against the wind, with her hand resting on her hat to keep it on, whilst her skirt blows (like a wave) from behind. The out line of the woman's body can be clearly seen through the material of her dress as she struggles with the forces of nature, in the vain hope a sailor will return. 

Location : HMAS Sydney Memorial, Mount Scott Park, Corner George Road & Brede Street, Geraldton, Western Australia.

History : The HMAS Sydney Memorial, sitting high on the hill overlooking the Indian Ocean, in Geraldton , is one of the most imaginative memorials in the State. The memorial took the well renowned Smith Sculptors Studio almost three years to design and create and stands as a fitting memorial to the 645 crew members who lost their lives defending our State and country on the HMAS Sydney II in 1941. One of the memorials most interesting and haunting sculptures is the Waiting Woman, which captures the personal dispair of the many families (especially the wives and mothers) who lost a sailor in the tragedy. The Waiting Woman stares out to sea in vain hope of glimpsing the return of her loved one. The sculpture not only represents the great loss of the time but also symbolises the continued dispair of families that still wait for closure from the incident. The Waiting Woman was designed and sculpted by Joan Walsh-Smith with the aim to create a "humanising feature" to the memorial.

Waiting Woman Statue, Geraldton, Western Australia   Waiting Woman Statue, Geraldton, Western Australia

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