War Horses Memorial

War Horses memorial, Kings Domain, Melbourne, public art

Public Art : War Horses Memorial (also known as War Horses Tribute)

Sculptor/Architect : unknown

Description: It seems only fitting that a granite horse trough be chosen as a tribute to the nearly million horses that died on the war fields during World War I.


"He gains no cross as a soldier may
No medals for the many risks he runs;
He only in his puzzled patient way,
Sticks to his guns"

Date Unveiled: The tribute to the War Horses was orginally unveiled in 1926 on St Kilda Road but was moved in 1987 to its present position near the Shrine of Remembrance.

Funded by : The trough was erected by the Purple Cross Society of Victoria, a group concerned with the welfare of horses in war.

Location: Originally located on St Kilda Road the granite horse trough now can be found at the Shrine of Remembrance in Kings Domain, Melbourne, Australia.

War Horses Memorial, Melbourne, public art

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