Water Children sculpture

Water Children Sculpture, Melbourne

Public Art : Water Children sculpture

Sculptor : © John Robinson (4th May 1935 - 6th April 2007)

Water Children sculptureDescription : Two bronze figures depicting a naked boy and girl at the top of a stream looking inquisitively down at the water below, oblivious to anything else. A snapshot of innocent youth ( and lets add a thank goodness these naked children haven't been removed for indecency) . Unfortunately when I took these images, Melbourne was in the middle of a major drought and there was no water in the stream. The bronze boy hangs over a rocky ledge (with feet in the air) looking into the pond whilst the girl leans on hands and knees to peer down into the waters below.

Funded By : The Water Children was originally commissioned by Conzinc Riotinto (now known as Rio Tinto) but was later purchsed by the City of Melbourne for the re-landscaping of gardens project in 1973.

Date Unveiled : c.1973

Location : Somewhere in Queen Victoria Park, Melbourne, but I am not telling you where, as it is more fun stumbling across them.

Water Children sculpture, Melbourne Water Children Sculpture, Melbourne


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