Weathervanes sculpture

Horse weathervane, Melbourne, Daniel Jenkins, public art

Public Art: Weathervanes sculpture

Sculptor: © Daniel Jenkins

Description: If you look up you high on four tram poles you will see a horse, fish, bird and pig weathervane blowing in the wind at the corner of Swanston and Burke Streets. The Weathervanes group are a series of 4 hand beaten and copper weathervanes featuring gold leaf detail. Jenkins, who is a jeweller and silversmith by trade, used a techiques called repousse ,  where the metal is beaten from the underside to achieve more shape and relief. He learned this technique while in Venice on a Palladio Foundation scholarship. Each animal represents a specific aspect of Melbourne: the horse, sport and culture; the fish rpresents the waterways: the bird symbolizes Melbourne's parks and gardens; and the pig? Well, the pig is suppose to represent the city's hope and future! OK, so the artist was having a little tongue-in-cheek "pigs can fly" moment!

Artist Statement: "We take our cities for granted with the daily pedestrian bustle it is always business as usual. It takes something very unusual to attract someone's eye. I want people to look up and smile."

Date Unveiled: March, 1993

Location: The weathervanes are spinning at the corner of Burke and Swanston streets, Melbourne, Australia.

Horse weathervane, Melbourne, Daniel Jenkins, public art Weathervanes, Daniel Jenkins, Melbourne, public art Pigs May Fly, Weathervane, Daniel Jenkins, public art Fish weathervane, Melbourne, Daniel Jenkins, public art

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