Widow and Children Statue

Public Art: Woman and Children statue ( also known as the Legacy Statue)

Sculptor : © Louis Larmen

Date : 1988

Description : Small bronze statue of a widow with her arms resting gently around her two children's shoulders as they stand either side of her. The statue is mounted on a grey granite block inside a cruciform shaped garden.

Location : Located in the Legacy Garden of Appreciation near the Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne.

History and Trivia: The statue was commissioned by Legacy in 1988. The poppies that bloom in the garden are from seeds taken from Villers-Bretonneux in France.


Legacy Garden of Appreciation

A living tribute to the generous support
of Victorians for the work of Legacy.
The sculpture symbolises the work of Legacy
caring for the widows and children of veterans.
The Flanders poppies which bloom around November
have their origins on the World War I battlefields of
Belgium and France.




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