Winston Churchill statue

Public Art: Winston Churchill statue

Sculptor:  © Ivor Roberts-Jones (November 2nd, 1913 – December 9th, 1996)

Description: A 3.7m (12ft) bronze statue of British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. The statue depicts an elderly Churchill facing the Palace of Westminster, dressed in his military greatcoast and with his hand resting on his walking stick .

Date Unveiled: The Winston Churchill statue was unveiled by his widow Lady Clementine Spencer-Churchill on the 1st November, 1973. During the ceremony Queen Elizabeth II gave a speech. Also in attendance was the Queen Mother, the  serving Prime Minister,Edward Heath, and four former Prime Ministers.

Cost : £32,000 by public subscription.

Location: The statue of Winston Churchill is located in Parliament Square on the north-eastern edge of the green, facing east toward parliament, London.

Winston Churchill statue trivia:

In the 1950s Winston Churchill was already eyeing off a location for his future statue and declared that this is "where my statue will go" when viewing redevelopment plans for Parliament Square. He eventually got his wish in 1973.

At one stage they proposed to include on the statue a series of spikes protruding from Winston Churchill's head to stop the birds sitting and pooping on him. 

Queen Elizabeth declined the invitation to unveil the statue because she believed it was more appropiate for his widow to have the honour.

The statue is often the target of vandals. In 1999, Churchill was covered in red paint by May Day protesters. They also placed a tuff of grass on top of his head giving him a grass mohawk. In 2010 student protesters graffitied the statue and urinated on it.

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