Zeewijk Cannon

Zeewijk Cannon, Geraldton, Western Australia

Public Art : Zeewijk Cannon

Artist/designer : Unknown

Date :

Description : Yes, I know it really isn't public art, but it is mounted on a block of sandstone, has a plaque and is on display for the public, so I have taken a bit of liberty and proclaimed it "public art". The weather warn cannon is strapped onto a sandstone block.

Location : The Zeewijk Cannon can be found on Chapman Road, Geraldton, Western Australia.

History of the Zeewijk : The Zeewijk was a Dutch ship, which in 1727 came to grief at the Abrolhos Islands in Western Australia. To make matters worse she struck the reef on her maiden voyage. The crew blamed the skipper for the predicament and were none too happy when they had to stay on the stricken ship for a week due to the rough weather. Click here for more info on the troubles of the Zeewijk.

History of the Zeewijk Cannon : Several cannons of the Zeewijk were first discovered on Half Moon Reef by a crayfisherman, in 1952. The Captain of the HMAS Mildura, who heard of this discovery, visited the islands several times before the Mildura (with the help of the HMAS Fremantle) recovered three of the cannons. The cannons were then sent to the Maritime Museum in Perth.  The Zeewijk Cannon was one of the cannons savaged by the Mildura. The citizens of Geraldton later purchased the cannon, when it was discovered that it was going to be sold to a scrap metal merchant. Now the cannon is firmly strapped onto a sandstone block and on display for the public.


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